Twitter for companies: all the keys for boosting your business

Today we’re talking about Twitter’s power for businesses and how to get the most out of it. To businesses, this social network is extremely helpful.

It’s not easy to stand out online with the large number of companies that are on the online market and therefore the huge competition that exists. Therefore, we need to look for ways to reach potential customers directly, and social networks are a good way to do this.

But it’s not just important that they know about you, you’ve got to work on your social networking presence so that your goal gets interested in you and feels part of your community.

Furthermore, another key point for your company is that through social networks you can receive direct input from your customers. You can thus be in constant contact with consumers, find out their opinions and gain new customers as well. For all these purposes, Twitter is one of the sites that should be considered by any digital marketer. Therefore, in this article we will explore the importance of Twitter for businesses and all the keys to make the most of it.

What should you remember before you trigger your company’s Twitter account?
As we have already mentioned, the presence of companies and ecommerce companies on this social network is very significant, but before enabling your profile, stop and think about the following: a twitter account requires constant attention: you must be aware of who is commenting on your publications, what they are commenting on and also uploading content daily.
Is Twitter’s the target audience? Each social network has specific users who are primarily identified by consumer habits, age and sex. You need to know what your target is and what social network they are most likely to use. If men and women between the ages of 25 and 40 are your target audience, Twitter is a good choice. Nonetheless, it is best to study more in order to know what your audience likes, their purchasing power, what they do in their leisure time or what apps they most use to surf the internet.
Take a look at the market, get to know your main competitors, and research what they’re doing on this social network. You will benefit from their successes and mistakes if you consider this. It’s also a good tactic to be able to get deals and promotions to their customers first.
Why does Twitter matter so much to business?
Twitter is a social network that was founded in March 2006 using the concept of microblogging, sending and publishing short messages. It has become the most used service with these characteristics throughout the world since its launch. To be exact, there are currently a total of 313 million active users in this social network. According to Christian Delgado in his blog, 85.48 percent of Twitter users follow companies, and the corporate content that most interests them is industry-related information or offers and promotions.

As for the way we communicate through this social network, we face a platform that allows you to meet potential consumers effectively, rapidly and directly. Unlike other social networks, since the characters you can use are limited, the information is not tired and users can decide at a glance whether the content is of interest to them or not.

Similarly, Twitter is the most direct social networking network between people, so the communication between customer and business is going to be very versatile.

Content, the most important thing on Twitter for businesses The content you use will be an important focus in your strategy as you will be encouraging loyalty and attracting new customers to your ecommerce. It is very important that you take into account the following when managing tweets: the content must be adapted to your target, everything you post should be considered in order to speak directly to your potential customers.
Using e-commerce hashtags as they will help users find you. For example, if you have a fashion ecommerce and publish a new collection of skinny pants, it’s advisable to put the word skinny jeans with a hashtag (# skinnyjeans). As in this Lois brand report. But be careful not to abuse them either.
Do not hesitate to mention them in your publications if you partner with an influencer. You will thus gain influence and exposure, as you will meet their followers who are also part of your target.
Include images in the most relevant tweets, as they will become more visible and relevant.
Promotion of the brand, how to promote products in a tweet?
Even though you shouldn’t misuse them, the tweets about ecommerce posts will be one of the most important parts of the publications you’ll make in your Twitter account.

How do I get the most out of the 140 characters? A good way to take advantage of this feature is to include a brief description with the product or category name, the site URL where the product is sold on the internet and an enticing image of it. This picture is convenient to represent the article in a sense.

Twitter-empresas-3 What else do you have to consider while commenting on your Facebook e-commerce?
The first thing you should never forget is that people are only contaminated with the use of corporate data tires. They’ll stop interacting with your profile if you do this, and you’ll lose followers. Company-related Twitter activity must go beyond that, engage with your target rather than simply talking about your business.

A good way to expand the type of content to be published is to follow the most influential people in your sector and to retweet publications that your followers may be interested in. In fact, you will gain the confidence and reputation of your audience.

Ideally, you will post daily, about 3 times a day and at different times, depending on the time slots in which your target audience on this social network can be more involved.

What can you do to be as active as possible in your Twitter account?
Publish industry-relevant content and news. You’ll stop spreading your ecommerce data and you’ll attract the attention of your followers as they’re likely to be interested.
You need to stay up-to-date and be up-to-date with the trending topic, as you can use them to create content that can also go viral. You are going to have collusion and closeness to users on Facebook. Like’ Master Chef’ and’ León Come Gamba”s famous case.
When people mention you, always be on the ball and which tweets have been identified as favourites and have been most retweeted. It will tell you what kind of content is most closely related to your target.
It usually goes well with users to build sweepstakes or competitions and will help you meet more potential customers.
All of these suggestions will also help to build a loyal consumer community.

Twitter for businesses, the perfect social network for customer service Twitter must be very aware of the work of your ecommerce customer service, as it is a direct channel for customers to make complaints or resolve any queries. In reality, for its immediacy and proximity, it is the social network par excellence for customer service.

Twitter, for its immediacy and proximity, is the social network par excellence for customer service.

Below are a series of guidelines to be taken into account when using Twitter as a means of customer service: when opening a twitter account, it is important to remember that your users are very likely to use it as another way to reach customer service. In fact, instead of speaking to you over the phone, they would prefer to tweet you. If that happens, this approach can be promoted and addressed in tweet format or simply routed to a telephone number or contact type. No matter what, we must have it ready and we will have to remind them of the protocol to be followed in the case of bringing someone on to deal with customer service.
We have to take care of all the references we have got, whether positive or negative. This will increase the trust of our customers in the company. If a negative comment is made, it is likely to be a client who has suffered an accident or has had a problem with one of the products that our online store offers. You should always inquire, and offer help, what happened politically. This is one of the most important parts of Twitter management as if the issues are handled correctly, you can improve your brand image. The main reason is that you show concern for your consumers and even help bring back customers who have not planned to buy from your ecommerce because of a bad experience.
Interacting with users and keeping on the ball about the needs you sensed through your tweets will not only build a loyal customer network, but will keep it alive as well.
A good example of customer service via Twitter is the case of Nike, as they have a special account called @Nike support for dealing with their consumers. They specifically use this account to help their customers with any queries or issues they may have with their products or services.

Twitter Analytics, a business ally on Twitter You can analyze all the work you’ve done on the Twitter account using the platform’s own Analytics tool.

Here you can find valuable information such as what tweets have been most active, how many profile visits you have had or the times the business was listed. Such documents are very important as they need to be evaluated in order to know whether or not the plan being worked on is satisfactory.